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Vittoria Barzo 27.5-inch

Vittoria Barzo 27.5-inch
27.5 x 2.25
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Surprisingly fast, incredibly fierce. That’s the verdict on Vittoria’s Barzo XC tire, a no-brainer for loose conditions XC riding among the pros. The alternating center knobs are spaced just close enough to act like a fast-rolling center ridge, yet just far enough apart to hook up in the soft stuff and effectively shed mud. Tenacious side-knobs push your cornering threshold and seem to dig in deeper the harder you lean, perfect for carving high-speed rounders and blasting unafraid through off-camber stretches. For fast and light racing with a healthy dose of rad, Barzo is your choice.

- Counter V-formation channels ease mud, dirt, and debris clearing
- PSI Range: 35-58

Vittoria Barzo Benefit Graph
Folding: 29 x 2.25, 27.5 x 2.25
TNT: 29 x 2.25
TNT: 27.5 x 2.25


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